Diablo 3 Glowing Soulstone Modification

Diablo 3 Glowing Soulstone Modification

Wait, it doesn’t light up in the skull?

The special edition of Diablo 3 came with a fun promotional item: a glowing “soulstone” USB flash drive that plugs into a small skull statue. The problem is, the soulstone has to be removed from the skull and plugged into a computer in order for it to glow.

I fixed things so that the skull itself is modded to be a USB device that plugs into a computer. Now when the soulstone is plugged into the skull, it lights up and becomes available as a storage device.

USB connector installed USB connector installed

Rear of skull replaced Rear of skull replaced

Adding filler Adding filler

Painting in progress Painting in progress

It glows! It glows!

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